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More on Slot Punches. Slot punches are used to create an attachment point on your ID cards or credentials for the convenient use with badge lanyards, badge holders, badge reels and more. ID Zone offers several slot punches to suit your needs. If you need assistance in selecting a slot punch, the ID Experts are here to help! Please contact us.

ID Badging Software. Slot Punches. ID Printers & Supplies.Your cart is empty. Slot Punches. Home. / ID Badging Equipment & Accessories. Card Slot Punches, Hand Held Punches, Stapler Slot … Slot punches puncture a small hole in an ID card that allows the card to be attached to lanyards, chains, badge reels and more. If you're in a business where employees are required to wear ID's, then having slot punches can really come in handy. We carry old-school handheld card slot punchers for... ID Card Slot Punches | ADVANTIDGE This standard electric ID card slot punch includes foot switch and adjustable centering guide to reduce stress on your badge issuance team. If you have a high volume application and need to punch each card after printing this is the only product your employees will want […] Table-Top Slot Punch ID Edge A table-top slot punch with adjustable centering guide. Slot Size: 9/16″ x 1/8″ (14mm x 3mm). Sold individually.

An ID card slot punch is great for creating slots in ID badges, plastic cards, name badge holders and other laminated documents, which enable anyone to quickly attach a lanyard, clip, or badge reel. Choose from tabletop, handheld, electric, heavy duty, slot punches with guides, a corner rounder punch, and more -- all at a low price!

From handheld to fast-punch tabletop slot punches, we have the easiest selection of hole punches. Our best seller, the Handheld punch, includes an alignment guide for the perfect punch every time. Heavy-duty slot punches make hundreds of hole punches nearly effortless, and are ideal for large-scale events or busy corporate offices. #448 ID Strap Slot Punch – M. C. Meith Punches the strap slot on ID badges. Slot size is 9/64″x1/2″+. Available with an adjustable gauge and/or a long handle for punching through thick 32 mil plastic cards. Add the long handle with cushioned grips to make punching plastic a breeze! Add the adjustable side gauge to make sure you punch in the same spot each time. 3-in-1 Slot Punch - Slot Punches - Printers & Supplies Why use three tools when you can use one? Simplify your card or paper finishing process with a 3-in-1 punch. This handy office assistant allows you to punch holes and slot or round corners, all with a single tool! The 3-in-1 punch is a perfect tool for slotting ID badges, rounding sharp edges on laminated cards and more. Table Top Slot Punch , 3943-1510 - : Badge Hole Slot Punch for ID Cards Hand Held ...

Badge Hole Punch & ID Card Slot Tools - ID Shop These simple but indispensable tools are used to put a slot or hole in a card, badge or credential. They range from simple hand-held pliers styles to tabletop units or even some that are three in one tools. Shop below for our offerings of slot and hole punches for id cards and badges. Slot Punches - Binding and Laminating Solutions If you’re looking for a high-quality slot punch for your ID badges, luggage tags, access cards or name badges, we have what you need. If you need a small inexpensive handheld slot punch, we have a number to choose from or, for heavier materials and higher volume applications, we carry both manual and electronic tabletop slot punches and ...

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A table-top slot punch with adjustable centering guide. Slot Size: 9/16″ x 1/8″ (14mm x 3mm). Sold individually.

Description: If you expect to be slot punching PVC or ID cards on a regular basis, I would recommend upgrading to an electric slot punch like the Model 3943-1601. This slot punch is ideal for medium volume slot punching, able to handle hundreds of cards a day. The end results look great!

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Slot punches, sometimes referred to as slot hole punches or badge punches, are used on ID cards or ID badges so that they can be worn with ID accessories like lanyards, badge holders, badge reels and strap clips. ID card slot punches are available in many styles, from basic handheld or desktop punches to foot pedal-operated electronic punches ... ID Card Slot Hole & Badge Punches | ID Wholesaler Slot punch your ID cards for compatibility with the most popular and easy-to-use methods of ID badge display on the market: lanyards, badge clips, and badge reels. ID card slot punches are available in several styles, ranging from handheld or desktop punches for slot-punching small batches of cards at a time, to foot pedal-operated electronic ...